GOT CAR TROUBLES? We don't just help car owners.
We also repair "difficult" cars for auto dealerships!

We're highly skilled, licensed mechanics, not just a lube or brake shop. We've got decades of experience, all with cars in Canada. Several dealerships regularly send us their "unsolvable problems" ...troubles that those dealerships can't find or fix. Those cars have usually been back to the dealership several times, before the dealership calls us. The dealership doesn't want an unhappy customer, but the dealership can't find or fix the problem either. They call JB Automotive, and they bring the problem to us. We diagnose and repair their problem, and the dealership gives it back to the customer. Everybody's happy, even though the customer doesn't know that it was JB Automotive who saved the day. What does THAT tell you about our abilities!

We'll professionally diagnose and assess the reasons why your car isn't running the same as when it came out of the showroom. We feel shy to "toot our own horn", but we really do find and fix problems that other mechanics or dealerships can't. We're a family owned and operated business, so we don't suggest repairs just for the sake of a commission.

We earn our reputation every day, from the recommendations of our happy customers. We welcome you to join us as another happy customer.

Customers appreciate our intelligent efforts, our problem-solving skills, and our mechanical prowess. They also appreciate our below-average hourly rate (WAY below dealership rates!), and the way we treat customers as an extension of our own family.

We have several customers who think nothing of routinely driving 70 or 80 kms to our shop, to allow us the privilege of repairing their vehicle. Those customers say they're unable to find service comparable to ours, anywhere else.
They flatter us!

We've done more than several THOUSAND brake jobs. We do 2 and 4-wheel alignments in-house, frequently while-you-wait. We do computer diagnostics on ALL makes and models of cars: domestic car and truck models, European cars and trucks, and Japanese cars and trucks. Gas, fuel-injected, or diesel. While you're waiting, we also have free WiFi so you can keep up on your daily tasks. Got a busy schedule? We're even open on Saturdays, on a seasonal basis. CALL US, to find out how fast we can get you in and solve our problems!

Here's just a few of our specialties ...

Airbag Light?

This CAN be a dangerous indicator, related to your personal safety. But it could also be just a loose wire or a dirty connector! Don't worry! We'll find ANY problems, we'll tell you what they are, and with your permission we'll fix them (properly).

*If your airbag isn't working, you have a lot less (or NO) protection in an accident. If the airbag misfires, it could injure you or CAUSE you to lose control and hit something or somebody. Having us fix that "airbag light on" issue, could protect you or your significant other, from harm. We have many customers who come in to see us because their previous mechanic tried to hide the problem, by removing a light bulb or a fuse. Our question is "how in the heck does THAT protect you! We won't cut corners. Our motto is "fix it properly the first time". That's safer and less expensive for everyone.

Check Engine Light (also called the MIL, or Message Indicator Light)?

It could be something simple, or could signal a serious engine problem. It should be checked promptly, to determine which it is. Ignoring the Check Engine light, or (as some disreputable fly-by-nighters do) removing the light are a really poor idea, too. If the error that triggered your Check Engine light is going to cause damage to your engine, just getting the light cleared certainly won't help you. It could lead to a really expensive repair in just a few miles. But it could also mean something simple, like your gas cap is loose. We'll tell you why the light is on, and we'll suggest the best way to resolve the problem properly. You decide how to proceed!

Diesel Repairs?

Diesel engines are great, they get very good mileage, and they run almost forever. But they DO need proper servicing every so often. Regular car mechanics aren't trained to do this work, and good diesel mechanics are hard to find. Every licensed mechanic at JB Automotive is trained, certified, and very good at keeping EVERY diesel engine running in top form. It doesn't matter to us if its a Mercedes, a Volkswagen, or any car or any truck. Our shop also has high door clearance for tall vehicles. We repair everything the right way, the first time.

While-You-Wait Repairs?

Sure, if you'd like! We've got a comfortable waiting area in our office, a power outlet for your cell charger or laptop, and we'll provide you with a secure Internet connection.


JB Automotive repairs gasoline and diesel cars AND trucks, from every car manufacturer Happy customers drive away from JB Auto, with their car properly repaired

We do top-quality work, we're highly respected, and we're commonly recommended. We'd like to welcome you as a customer, for life. Call JB Automotive and book an appointment that's convenient to you. Become a JB Automotive customer. We're confident that we'll exceed your expectations!

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"Wow! Great Job! Very fast & professional. You guys diagnosed and repaired my electrical problem in less than an hour! My last mechanic had my car for more than a week, and couldn't figure it out! High Five, and Thank You!" - PM -Mississauga 10 Feb 2016

"Excellent quality work. Satisfied with price, too. Thanks" CC -Mississauga Dec 2015

"Thanks. My car runs better since you fixed it than when I bought it 4 years ago!" Derek - Oakville Jan2016

"I'm impressed, and I'll sure be back. You're one of the FEW honest mechanics I've met. Thanks!" (Name withheld by request) -Mississauga Jan 2016

Map to JB Automotive LtdHere is a map to find JB Automotive Ltd at Unit 9, 922 Dundas St E, Mississauga ON L4Y 2B6

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